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Contraband Tobacco Contraband Tobacco Contraband Tobacco

Crime Stoppers: Sale of Illegal Cigarettes is

Funding Organized Crime




Toronto Crime Stoppers is launching a city-wide public awareness campaign to highlight the threats to our communities posed by the sale of illegal cigarettes.


The campaign features a series of print advertisements designed to show how the purchase of illegal cigarettes is helping fund organized crime and street gangs, while also fueling the availability of illegal firearms and drugs in our communities. Various billboards and bus shelters across Toronto will showcase the new campaign.


The sale of contraband tobacco is a growing problem throughout Ontario with an estimated one in three cigarettes purchased in the province being contraband.


“This awareness campaign is designed to remind our community members that contraband tobacco is illegal for a reason: the sale of these products helps fund organized crime, serving to make our communities less safe,” says Sean Sportun, Chair Toronto Crime Stoppers.


Sportun adds “Given the close connection between illegal cigarettes and its funding of criminal activity in our communities, it’s important to educate and empower members of the community to safely make a difference by calling Crime Stoppers.”


Toronto Crime Stoppers is committed to the community they serve and continue to work tirelessly towards empowering a movement of a crime free Toronto.


“See It, Say It, Stop It. Doing What’s Right Is Its Own Reward”





For further information, please contact Crime Stoppers Coordinator Marc Madramootoo, at 416-808-7260, or Chair Sean Sportun, at 416-904-3805.


See it. Say it. Stop it.

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