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Be advised, if your intent is to use our reporting platform as an avenue to threaten or cause harm to any person, place or thing; or for any other illegal purpose other than to legitimately report a crime you will not be protected by Crime Stoppers privilege.
Toronto Crime Stoppers

Toronto Crime Stoppers prevents and reduces crime by partnering with the community, law enforcement and the media to offer anonymity to anyone providing information leading to an arrest or of significant use.

Toronto Crime Stoppers is a partnership between the community, the Toronto Police Service and the media. It provides members of the public the opportunity to anonymously provide information which assists police in solving crimes.

Toronto Crime Stoppers does not receive any government funding. The funds required to operate our program, develop community awareness campaigns and complete community safety programs are raised through private donations.

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Since 1984 Crime Stoppers has helped change the face of criminal activity in Toronto while helping build a safer city by partnering with community leaders, media and the Toronto Police Service.

The program has an incredible history, but as we move into the future, we have created an opportunity to appeal to the individual’s desire to serve the greater good…Read More

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Toronto Crime Stoppers School Action Program

TCSSAP Dance League

The TCSSAP Dance program reaches out to at risk students that would have otherwise shied away from extracurricular school programs allowing them to be creative, innovative and establishing leadership roles within their school community. One of the main goals of the program is keeping students engaged and keeping students in school.

Music, movement, dance brings about a whole new medium to reach out and connect with young people that have avoided traditional sport activities in the past. Students are able to show their athleticism in their own way.

High Schools may see an average of up to 30 plus student participants each, making a potential total of 140-180 student participants for the first year. The program will conclude with a “Finals Competition” which will be held at the Toronto Crime Stoppers School Symposium in the month of May.

Toronto Crime Stoppers can't do this alone. We've reached out to community members and professional dance studios throughout the city to partnership with this dance program. Following the old adage, it takes a village to raise a child, the program envisions a coalition of law enforcement, citizens, businesses, and everyone working together for the sake of our future, our youth.

For more information about the TCSSAP School Program please reach out to us using the contact us information at the bottom of this page.


Toronto Crime Stoppers is offering you a new way to securely provide tips through SecureDrop.
(THIS IS FOR CYBER RELATED CRIME ONLY. Please use our SUBMIT TIP P3 interface for regular tips.)
On a malware-free device, you will need to download and install the Tor browser. From there, you will access the hidden SecureDrop page. Once the connection is successfully made, you will be prompted to paste a link into the browser and input your tip information. You will be given a secure codename to continue private communication with Toronto Crime Stoppers. For more information, and to proceed with a tip submission through SecureDrop, click HERE. We take your privacy and anonymity very seriously.